Stonegate Antique Prints: Hundreds of authentic antique prints
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  • (216) 634-6710
    Vero Shaw - Pointer
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    William Curtis - Camelia Japonica
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    Vero Shaw - English Setter
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    William Curtis - Paeonia Moutan
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    William Curtis - Crinum Scabrum
  • 6046460105
    J.W. Weinmann - Tulipiferia Virginiana
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    C.M. Barker - Daffodil Fairy
  • 6239101875
    C.M. Barker - Wild Rose Fairy
  • (510) 601-9173
    C.M. Barker - Jasmine Fairy
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    William Bartlett - View from West Point
  • 9734985500
    H.C. Andrews - Hemerocalis Graminea
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    George Shaw - Guinea Parrakeet
  • (580) 373-6261
    Edmund Dulac - Bridal Ballad
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    William Jardine - Peridromia Are.
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    William Jardine - Blue Bellied Hummingbird
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    William Jardine - Gigantic Hummingbird
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    Milne - Dwarf Ear Bats
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    J.J. Audubon - White Merganser
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    Louis Prang - Bullfrog
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    G. Edwards - The Touraco
  • 484-238-4179
    J.L. Frisch - The Heron Centree
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    J.L. Frisch - The Yellowish Owl
  • 269-749-3133
    John Gould - Marsh Harrier
  • (203) 310-9688
    Mark Catesby - Brown Bittern
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    Carl Hoffmann - Iguanas
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    H. Johnson - Buffalo


Find The Perfect Antique Print At Stonegate Prints

Welcome to our web site. Whether you're an old customer or a first-time visitor, we hope you will enjoy your stay and our wide selection of these beautiful works of art. Every print is a certified antique. They can also be surprisingly affordable.

We want your experience with us always to show how much we value your business.

Rediscover Our Amazing World With A Rare Antique Botanical, Dog, or Bird Print

We offer a wide selection in the following categories:

Botanical Prints, Dog Prints, Bird Prints, Fish Prints, Insect Prints, Mammal Prints, Reptile Prints, Shell (Conchology) Prints, and Zoology (General Animal) Prints.

Within these subject categories, our collection contains numerous prints by Sir William Jardine, George Shaw and Frederick Nodder, G.W. Knorr, F. Berge, Vero Shaw, Thomas Doughty, Sherman F. Denton, J.G. Wood and others.

We maintain a very nice selection of children's prints by Beatrix Potter, Edmund Dulac, Arthur Rackham, and Cicely Mary Barker, among others.

To round out our inventory of fine antique art prints, we are pleased to offer a selection of landscapes, including American Views by William H. Bartlett and William Cullen Bryant. Finally, we would like to point out our very special section of antiquarian natural history books by authors such as William Curtis, Baron Georges Cuvier, Charles Lucien Bonaparte and Sir William Jardine.

We are proud to offer professional hand-coloring services for your uncolored prints at reasonable prices.

We understand choosing a piece out of our antique botanical print and antique animal print collections can be a difficult decision, that is why the dedicated staff at Stonegate Prints is here to assist you in whatever way possible.

Stonegate Delivers Excellence and Quality

While our online web store's look is new, the fine quality of our prints and our dedication to excellent customer service hasn't changed. We want your experience with us always to show how much we value your business. We are proud of the number of repeat customers we have, and of their words of praise.

Please take some time to browse through our botanical engravings from Besler's Hortus Eystettensis (1613) and P.J. Redoute's "Les Roses" (1817) as well as ornithological lithographs from John Gould's Birds of Great Britain (1862).

We are also very proud to offer an intriguing antique flower print selection by William Curtis (Botanical Magazine, Flora Londinensis), Henry C. Andrews and Johann Weinmann as well as an antique bird print selection by Johann L. Frisch, George Edwards, Mark Catesby, Johann Seligmann and John James Audubon (Birds of America). An antique botanical print or antique animal print could be just what your home or office needs to set it apart from the rest.

Confused about print terminology?

The descriptions of our prints include many terms that might not be familiar, so we have created a handy Glossary of Print Terms. It's available from every page. The link is below, in the footer.

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